Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween! It will be a quiet one here in our house. Both of my girls are home from school sick, so there will be no trick or treating for us. I'll enjoy the Halloween Parade and party at school, then hand out the goodies to the kids when I come home. It's a beautiful fall day and perfect weather for the little ghosts and goblins! Enjoy!


KCQuilter said...

Oh, darn! Sick on Halloween and no trick-or-treating! My sons would have been devastated when they were young to miss trick-or-treating so I totally empathize. Hope they're better soon.

julieQ said...

Happy Halloween! Our son is much too old now for trick-or-treating, so I am just enjoying the littles ones cutomes at the door. Sorry your babies are sick!!


atet said...

Sorry your daughters were sick -- but sounds like you had perfect weather and a great day!