Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Empty Nesting!

Here it is, almost Labor's so hard to believe!  Getting Grace ready for college was a summer long activity.  She's now settled into her dorm, classes have started and she seems to be enjoying it so far.  In the meantime, Lee and I have settled into our empty house.  It's strange.  I think the biggest thing that we've noticed, aside from how quiet it is, is that when we clean things, they stay clean!  Well, except for the litter boxes, that is.  Can't have everything, huh?

I do miss having Grace around and I'm looking forward to parent's weekend which we'll head up for in October.  In the meantime, I've been trying to catch up on a few things around here, one of which is the blog!  My major project of the summer was crocheting an afghan for Grace.  Being the daughter of a quilter, it would make perfect sense that rather than a quilt, she'd ask for an afghan for college, right?  I was surprised by her color choice...I figured she'd go with a dark purple or dark green, but she went with a beautiful dark wedgewood blue. The color above is pretty close to what it looked like and you can sort of see the design.We found a pattern she liked and I was off.  I'd hoped to have it finished by her high school graduation, but was only half done at that point.  I finished it the week before she left and was so happy to have that project done!  And apparently she liked it too...

Next up is the little bit of handquilting that I did over the summer.  I'd forgotten how much I enjoy hand quilting!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Be Back Soon

Have had no time to sew and can't really get to my machine. College packing is taking over! I leave to take Grace to college on Friday for Saturday's move in. Then I'll drive home to a quiet house. Lee will be traveling quite a bit this fall, so I'm hoping to have lots of sewing time. See you soon!