Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Finish of 2007

I cleaned my sewing room last night and came across this, which I pieced over a year ago. I had started quilting it on my Pfaff but I'm not sure why, what with the longarm sitting in the living room! This morning I loaded it, quilted it and bound it. It took about 2 hours total...I can't believe I left it sitting so long for 2 hours work!

Now I'm ahead of the game for Valentine's Day!

I wish all of you a happy, healthy, peaceful new year.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Stash Sunday

I've been doing much more thinking about quilting than actual quilting in the last week. I did finish embroidering this little guy, which took a 12" square of backing and one of muslin out of my stash. I also quilted a quilt that my mother made and used about two yards of 108" muslin for the backing. I have a few things planned for this afternoon, so will post those if I actually do them!

I've been thinking about the new year and what I would like to accomplish. I'm not one for making resolutions, I usually make new plans in September, rather than January. My life has revolved around a school calendar since I was young and to me that is the start of the new year. So, what would I like to do in 2008? I think I'd like to focus on making some baby quilts for Project Linus this year, using some of my stash. I'd like to knit some more socks, I certainly have the yarn for it. But my big goal is to give blood. I've had blood taken for testing, but I've always been too chicken to actually donate blood. My two kids who are old enough to donate have done it, so I decided it is time. I'd even like to give blood regularly if the first time goes well! So, I've done it. There is a blood drive at a local firehouse next Saturday and the boss and I have 11:00 appointments to give blood. I'll try to be brave...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day After...

I loved Christmas when the kids were younger, but I think it's so much more fun now they're older! Andrew came home from college on Sunday afternoon, much to our surprise. He had to go back down to work on Christmas Eve, but got back shortly after we returned from 7:00 mass. We chose to let the kids sleep in on Christmas morning and opened our gifts on Christmas Eve. This had to be the best Christmas ever!

All three had picked out their presents, so there were supposed to be no surprises under the tree. But there was one big one...we had scored a free Wii game system! We picked up an extra controller, a Mario game and Guitar Hero to go with it and they were so excited that they stayed up until 2am playing. But the highlight for my husband and I was our gift from them. They had all gotten together last week to go shopping. Little did we know that they were actually going to get their picture taken with Santa as our gift. My kids HATE to have their pictures taken so this was a real treat for us!

On Christmas Day, the boss and I went to the 9am mass, then came home and relaxed. Without having to open gifts, it makes the morning very quiet! I'd made our dinner ahead of time (lasagna, chicken parm and Caesar Salad), so after my parents, sister and nephew came by to exchange gifts, I started a loaf of bread in the machine, put the lasagna and chicken in the oven on timer and headed over to my brother's house for a short visit. After dinner we went to see the new National Treasure movie. It was excellent, it even kept me awake. I'm notorious for falling asleep in the movies!

The time spent with family, the fun of the holiday and the fact that the boss was unhurt in his accident and we were able to be together for Christmas made this one of the best ever. I hope your Christmas memories will be happy too!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas...

I hope you have a blessed, peaceful day, filled with the people and things you love. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Sunday Stashbusting Report...

a day late! Not much sewing has been going on here, I've been busy shopping, wrapping and spending time with my family. We're looking forward to relaxing a little now that most everything is done. So...the strip twist quilt is done and bound - completely from stash!

I turned the jelly roll that I won from the Fat Quarter Shop into a fall rail fence throw, which is awaiting borders...

On the buying side, I went back to The Mullica Hill Quilt Company and once again they were wonderful, although the highlight was that they remembered me from my visit back in April, had printed out my blog entry about their shop and had it hanging in the store. I felt like a rock star! :o) Once again, the service was wonderful, the fabric I purchased was beautifully wrapped in tissue and it was a wonderful, friendly store. I'll be visiting here regularly!

The reason for my trip was for some planned purchases, which I believe Judy said were legal! I'm planning to make an applique quilt for a dear friend for Christmas next year. Since I'd like it to be hand appliqued and quilted, I thought it would be a good idea to start now, seeing how the last applique quilt took me 10 years! I'll be using some of the blocks from the Rose Sampler Supreme pattern and making yellow roses . The gold floral will be for sashings. I'll be adding more yellows and golds as I go. I was surprised that I only had 2 yellow fat quarters in the stash, I guess that's a color that's definitely lacking!

I'm enjoying working with the stash, since I don't have a lot it's challenging to put things together that will work. My next project which I'll be doing along with the applique is a snowman design from Crabapple Hill Designs. He's almost done and I'm thinking he'll become a pillow to keep out for the winter. The fabric and floss for him are from the stash too!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New pictures

The boss went back to the auto body shop with a camera today, to get some good pictures of the car. (The one in the last post was taken on his cell phone.) He walked in and the guy said to him, "Is that your Ford out there?" DH said, "Yes it is," and the guy looked at him and said, "You should be dead." Yep, that pretty much covers it...

The car is full of glass...

The ice came right in on him...

The car is still full of ice...


Yesterday, as my husband was driving through Connecticut, a sheet of ice broke off the top of a panel van. He saw it coming and slowed down a bit. That may have saved his life. The ice hit his hood and then came through the driver's side windshield. Had he not slowed down, it would have come straight through the windshield, full force. He called me about an hour after the accident and said, "You know those movies where ice comes off a truck and flies through the windshield and the person is always killed?" Fortunately, he walked away with a cut on his forehead, a cut in his finger where a piece of glass went in when he was brushing the snow and ice off of him and some sore muscles. A miracle.

His car was towed back to NJ and when I picked him up last night, saw the car and saw him, I made him go right to the emergency room to be checked out. He's fine...I'm pretty thankful today.

This followed a wonderful weekend...our son came home on Saturday and he and the girls went Christmas shopping. Afterwards, we all went to the bowling alley and rented a lane for a few hours. From there we headed to the diner for 10:00 pm! It was great fun, we hadn't had a family outing like that in a very long time!

Not much to report for stashbusting...I guess I'll get to that next Sunday!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Favorites

I have a few favorite decorations that aren't ornaments. This little Christmas Quilt Shoppe came to me from a friend's collection. Years ago, a group of us met online through AOL. My four best friends came from that group and we are spread across the country. But there was a fifth friend, a very sweet lady named Sheryl. Sheryl passed away a few years ago after suffering from cancer. I was fortunate to receive two of her was a top and the other was a partially quilted quilt. I finished both of them. I also received this little quilt shop, which lives in my sewing room all year long.
Another favorite is this Santa. A friend of mine made him for me back in college, so he's quite old now! That friend is now my daughter's Godmother. What I love about this Santa is not only that she made him, but he's hiding a surprise inside that you would never expect...

Yeah...Santa is my kind of guy!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Free Shipping!

If you're still looking for Christmas gifts, visit my Etsy store! I'm offering Free Priority Mail Shipping on all items in the store! The following items are listed....

Knitting Markers

I found the need for some knitting markers last week, so decided to treat myself. If you need them too, go check out Hide and Sheep's Etsy shop. These markers arrived on Friday...they were reasonably priced, beautifully packaged, shipped promptly and are just gorgeous!
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Sunday Stashbusting Report

Finally, after 10 years, I have finished my Grandma's Album Quilt! The backing and binding both came from stash and that's all I've used this week. It is so nice to have it done...this was my oldest UFO and I really never thought I'd get it finished. Now I'm planning my second applique quilt, but that one has a deadline...I'd like to have it to give as a gift next Christmas, and I'd like to hand quilt it. I'm going to do more 10 year quilts for me!

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

chocolatey goodness...

During the Christmas season, friends of ours participate in the Living Nativity that is presented by their church. At the end, cookies are provided for all. Last year over 14,000 people attended...that's a lot of cookies! I volunteered to bake some this year to help out. So I made these. The recipe comes from a book called "Ideal Cookie Cookbook" which was published in 1984. I got it as a freebie when I signed up for weekly delivery of the Courier Post...way back when I first got married. I don't know how I missed this recipe until now!

Rich Chocolate Cookies
Makes about 3 dozen.

2 eggs, lightly beaten
1/4 cup water
1 package (15.5 oz.) brownie mix
1/2 tsp baking soda
3/4 cup all purpose flour
1 tsp vanilla

In a large mixing bowl, blend eggs and water. Stir in brownie mix, baking soda, flour and vanilla; blend well. Drop batter by teaspoonfuls onto a greased and floured cookie sheet. (I didn't flour mine.) Bake at 375 degrees for 10-12 minutes or until edges are lightly browned. Remove from baking sheet to wire rack to cool.

They are delicious! For those like me, who think the corner pieces of brownies are the best because they're crunchy, these are amazing. Crunchy on the edges, soft in the middle. Try them...they're easy. FuriousBall, do you want some?

And here's Cheyenne, trying to get into the Christmas spirit. It's not working....

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Thanks, Finn

I had to try it too! Although I like Christmas better, the description is pretty accurate!

You Are Easter

You are an optimistic, hopeful, and genuinely sweet person.
Sensitive and affectionate, you are easily touched.
You love nature, animals, and anything cute or cuddly.
For you, every day is a new chance - no matter what happened yesterday.

What makes you celebrate: Almost anything. You love most holidays and celebrations.

At holiday get togethers, you do best as: The peacemaker. You can prevent any squabbles that might break out.

On a holiday, you're the one most likely to: Remember to include everyone

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Just Listed...

I'm doing a little cleaning in my sewing room and have just listed this pattern on Ebay. Take a look if you're interested...


Sunday Stash Busting Report

This week I finished the Strip Twist quilt from Bonnie's site. Everything came from stash, even the flannel print for the backing. I've been saving this for years for something special. I think I found it!

This project made quite a dent in my flannel stash. I do have some customer quilts to quilt this week, I'm hoping to find time to bind a few quilts that are waiting. That's next on the list, along with some sock knitting that's been languishing in my knitting basket. How is everyone else doing???

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas is coming...

The Santas are waiting...

The stockings are hung...or at least it says they are!

No, they really are!

The snowman is waiting for the first flakes of winter...

What is it about Christmas decorations that puts me in such a good mood? Maybe I should keep them up all year long!
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