Saturday, December 03, 2005

The stockings are hung...

So now you know what I've been busy doing the past few days! The stockings are hung, the decorations are up and the tree is up. HOWEVER...two years ago we bought a prelit tree after Christmas. We'd love to have a real one, but my daughter is allergic to them. So, we got this lovely tree, put it up last year and managed to get it lit with no problems. We pulled it out today and there is a strand of lights out. I've wiggled and jiggled the wires and bulbs, but there is still darkness in the pine. What do I do? Replace every bulb? Test a bulb in each socket? Prelit trees are wonderful when they work, but there is something to be said for testing the lights BEFORE they go on the tree! Oh well, I'll figure it out, or I'll go buy a strand of white lights and fill in! Decorating the tree is at a standstill until the light issue is solved. Oh...the stockings are all counted cross stitch except for mine which is crewel work. I made mine before I had a hubby or kids. I also made them before I started quilting and even though they are very juvenile, I'm not allowed to make new ones. They want THEIR stockings. :o)


Laurie said...

Your fireplace looks so inviting! I'd love to sit by it and warm up!

Those darn lights are such a headache at Christmas. That is what I hate about the trees!! I hope you figure it out!

I have yet to decorate. Who knows when or if that will happen!

Dawn said...

Oh the stockings all look so cute! Sorry to hear about the lights - at least you've started - I don't even have the stuff out of the attic yet.

JudyL said...

It looks a lot like Christmas at your house! Sorry about the tree. I had wondered about those prelit trees .. seems like we always have a strand of lights that will not work so we just don't use them.

That's neat that the kids want their same stockings!

Judy L.

Sharon said...

So what quilts do I spy on the back of the sofa? We had an almost same experience with our pre-lit tree. Only it was NEW!!! After jiggling and wiggling (the lights!) we decided to just lay in another strand of new lights on the two dark branches that needed them. We'll mess with that next year when the tree goes in the box!

Finn said...

Your room looks so lovely, what a nice thing to have it so far along already. I'm still just in the christmas fabric stage..LOL

Isn't it sweet how the kids still want their same ole stocking? I think I was hearing that over at Tonya's just last week...*S*
Sorry to hear about the lights..they sure can be a pain!

Tropical Screamer said...

OK, now our airconditioner running seems really, really wrong.

That's one of the strange thing about living in the tropics. There's something really wrong about running around in shorts on Christmas Day.

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful Christmas picture. Your family is lucky to be in such a warm, loving place.


Bonnie said...

I vote for buying more lights to FILL IN!! *LOL* I have the pre-lit tree for me, just doesn't smell as good as the real pines!


Holly said...

Your stockings are gorgeous! I started a counted cross stitch stocking probably 15 years ago and it only needs about 1/8 more work on it to finish. Your fireplace looks so cozy. I like anything with block, brick, or stone. It's looking alot like Christmas!

Tracey said...

Carolyn, what a wonderful picture. Makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :o) Thanks for sharing.

Laurie Ann said...

Funny, DH and I were just putting up our tree last night and I think maybe we will get an artificial one for next year. Kinda makes me feel bad, but cutting it down, wet show all over, needles all over, water on the carpet from the tree holder, etc., makes a fake one sound pretty good!