Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Log Cabin Update...

Here is one more little Christmas quilt I had laying around. I hadn't found a home for it yet, so it was sitting in my sewing room. I think it will be going on my kitchen table now that I've gotten it out!

Thank you, everyone, for your opinions on my log cabin quilt. Last night I finished the top, up to the inner border. I had planned on having it done before my son got home from college for winter break...until he told me he'd be home tomorrow! This morning I hope to get the last border on and will put it on the longarm tonight. I think I'll just meander it since it will be a utility quilt and get a lot of use and laundering. Oh...which setting did I use? Barn raising, of course!!!


Finn said...

Love your newly found little christmas quilt..what a nice surprise!!

The log cabin will look fabulous in the barn raising setting..I really like that one, and your colors are sooooo gorgeous!! Happy homecoming..sons are special !*VBS*

Laurie said...

Great Christmas quilt! I love the blue in there! I bet it looks fabulous on your kitchen table!

Love those college students when they surprise us!! LOL Enjoy the time with your son. I can hardly wait to see the log cabin quilt!


Darcie said...

Your bright Christmas quilt is sure to put a smile on faces when they some to the kitchen table. I love the cheery colors that you used.

I can't wait to see your Log Cabin all finished. I have always been an admirer of the barn raising setting.

Give your son a hug from all of us Mavericks! I know he'd love it!


Dawn said...

I"m going tomorrow to get my daughter at college! She has a full day planned for me! She has an exam from 7pm-9pm, so I'm suppose to get down there to shop and feed her a nice dinner and then sit in her room while she takes the exam! I told her it is up to her then to drive home because by 9pm I'm out!

Love your little xmas quilt! It is a happy one!