Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tree Skirt

As promised, here are the pictures of my current project and my tree skirt. The first is of the skirt under the tree. Of course you can't see it very well, so the next one is of the skirt BEFORE it went under the tree. See, I'm smart that way! The pattern is a Thimbleberries pattern that I got about 7 years ago and I loved. Several of my friends and I had a retreat at a cabin in Pine Top, Arizona in November of 2000 and that's when this was pieced. Of course it wasn't quilted for a long time after that! This was the first project that I ever took the triangle trimmings and made hourglass blocks out of. I just used them recently in a quilt...finally!

This is my current project...the log cabin quilt for my son's bedroom. I had forgotten how tedious log cabin blocks are if you are doing them scrappy. I have half of the blocks done and I'm pretty sure that the quilt for the other bed in his room will be made with the same fabrics but in a different pattern! I'm not sure if this will be the final setting of the blocks, once they are all made I will play around with them some more. But, I'm liking this so far. I've also been taking the short pieces of strips and sewing them into four patch blocks. I'm thinking I'll set them on point in a strippy setting and see how they look. They would also make nice centers for sawtooth stars. Guess I'll need to think on that a while longer!

I'm heading back upstairs to's been such fun this weekend!


Sarah said...

Carolyn -

Love the tree skirt! I was just thinking I really need to make one. Right now I have a green sheet spread around the bottom of our tree! How sad!

I also like how the scrappy log cabin is coming along. Log cabins are tedious but they end up being so cute!


Darcie said...

Oh Carolyn...your home looks like Christmas!

I love how the sun is shining in on the Christmas a message from the heavens.

I think I've made that tree skirt too...and gave it away. It's a fun one...and great in any fabric collection...Christmas or not.

Lovin' those logs of yours. Makes me want to sew though!!! (Uhoh...bring out the cheese for Darcie's whine again!)

Keep having've worked hard and deserve some time to sew for yourself!


Finn said...

Great job on the scrappy logs Carolyn, I really, really like the look of them. They will be so neat on the boys' beds.

And your tree skirt is awesome. I sure like it better than the one I just did for DD#1. Very cozy and country...I like that.

Sharon said...

Yes, I like the tree skirt, too. And you know, I keep telling you all that tree skirts can go under the tree for several years before they get quilted. Ask me how I know!!!

Dawn said...

Your tree and skirt are beautiful! We finally hauled out our xmas stuff so I have to take a picure of my old tree skirt, made way back in the 80's! Wait till you see it - it is very funny!

Jeff said...

Great job!your tree skirt is awesome.
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