Saturday, December 10, 2005

Oh Christmas Tree...

The tree is finally decorated, I took pictures and realized that I have to iron the tree skirt and get it under there...I guess I'll post a picture of that tomorrow!

Today was a nice day. This morning while my daughter was at karate I finished wrapping all of the gifts. Yeah! Once she came home and we had lunch, we headed to our local animal shelter where we volunteer for about an hour a week. Today was their annual open house. Grace went into the community cat room and played with the kitties while trying to convince people to adopt them. I floated around the shelter and helped people who needed help. We have some beautiful animals there who really need good homes. Several cats went home today, as well as one dog. Many of the other animals had applications put in for them today and once they're processed they should be going home too.

As for yesterday's quilting...I did manage to make about 11 more log cabin blocks and cut lots more 2" strips from some old fqs. I'm heading back upstairs now to sew more blocks, I'll post pictures of my progress tomorrow along with the tree skirt.


Finn said...

The tree is beautiful, skirt or no skirt..*VBS*

Good going on those logs, you'll have those 2 quilts done before you know it..keep up the good work!

Sharon said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! Isn't it a shame that the tree skirt gets covered up? Please post a picture of it before it starts it's duty under that beautiful tree!

Darcie said...

Oooh, so pretty Carolyn!

I admire your work at the shelter. It's a good thing that we don't live close to one...I'd want to bring them all home!

Can't wait to see your Log Cabins!

JudyL said...

That's so nice that you volunteer at the shelter. Like Darcie, I would want to bring them all home.

Pretty tree!

Judy L.

Jeanne said...

We got Elvis from a shelter this summer. Volunteers like you are wonderful! Lookig forward to log cabin updates - they're my favorite block!