Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Time to relax...

The last customer quilt for the year is finished, now it's time to relax! This customer has done several yellow and blue quilts and they are all gorgeous. This one got an all over feathery meander.

Because of all of the previous posts, I was thinking about how I accumulated my little stash. Shortly after I started quilting, I found out about Sweet Treats from the Pincushion Boutique in California. http://www.sweettreat.com/index2.html
I subscribed for about a year and got the most delicious sets of 8 FQs every month. Around the time I started with those, my husband started traveling quite a bit. Whenever he came across a quilt shop and had time to stop, he would go in and buy me bundles of FQs. After awhile I had too many FQs and I convinced him to buy me half yards. :o) I would also occasionally go into a quilt shop myself and pick up what I needed...always buying more than the project required, so I'd have extra to add to my stash.

About 7 years ago, we moved from Long Island, NY back to NJ. I still don't buy much fabric, but I love to take my husband to the quilt shops with me because he will push me to buy more than I would myself! He still travels and buys me fabric and about a year ago, I signed up for the Sweet Treats again because it was time to replenish my stash of FQs. I'm now trying to use up some of my older fabric so I can replace it.

We never did manage to get the string of lights on the tree lit, so we just bought another string and put it in the dark spot. We now have the silver garland on it and will enjoy it for a few days before the ornaments go on. Once I finish the Christmas cards and gift wrapping, my time will be my own again and I can quilt...guess I should get off the computer and get busy!


Dawn said...

Oh that has to be a wonderful feeling have the last customer quilt done for the year! Wooo Hoooo for you!

And that is a different pattern, don't think I've ever seen blocks done quite like that.

Sarah said...

As Nina has stated repeatedly, I love anything blue and yellow. This quilt is beautiful! And I am sure your quilting enhanced it even more!


JudyL said...

I did the Sweet Treats packages for years but no longer receive them. I come across them at quilt shows and they always make me smile. I have the hardest time cutting into those packets though.

Your husband is a sweetie to think of you while traveling and take the time to go into a quilt shop and get you a present!

Judy L.

Darcie said...

Woohoooo! What a great feeling, Carolyn...please tell me what it feels like, would you? (sniff, sniff) LOL Just kidding! That quilt is gorgeous...so refreshing.

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing the customer's quilt. I am wondering how large/small are the blocks (or one quarter of them)? I have some delectable moutain blocks that are in various stages of completeness, and I think this might be a cool way to work with them.

I wonder how many other quilters began their stash with Sweet Treats (as Sharon raises her hand)?

Finn said...

Love the blue and yellow Carolyn, thanks for sharing with us. What a creative way to build your stash..I'm often thought about that after looking at the Keepsake catalog..would be fun to have package every month..*S*

Laurie said...

The last customer quilt of the year...it is an amazing feeling! I had that last week! Now it's gifts to be quilted! LOL...it never ends!

That Y&B quilt is stunning! And I'm glad you just bought a new line of lights...much easier solution!