Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pin Cushions

I found the pincushions that you all have to be very interesting! I have a pincushion that I made of wool...somewhere. When I was a little girl, my mother did a lot of sewing. She always had a metal Sucrets tin, filled with her pins.

When I grew up, I had pins in the little plastic boxes that they came in. I searched high and low for a tin of Sucrets (because, of course, that's where pins were supposed to be!), but couldn't find one. Then we moved to Long Island, NY in 1990. I went into Rockbottom (a chain of large pharmacies that were popular then, like Drug Emporium) and there it tin. I didn't even want the Sucrets, I just bought it for the tin! So, that is where my pins have lived, quite happily, ever since.

I want to thank you for all of the kind words and prayers that you have sent me. They are all appreciated, especially the prayers. The health situation for my daughter will be resolved in 4-6 weeks and then we'll know what she's facing. I know it my heart it's not serious, but we have to wait to find out.

You're the best!


Shelina said...

Altoid tins are good too, although they are two separate pieces and not attached, like the Sucrets appears to be.

Linda_J said...

Shelina said what I was going too. Hope things straighten out with your daughter soon.

I can help you with writing a list for your sidebar, Carolyn. Just email me through your profile. It is a lot like links actually but without the hyperlink--much easier, actually.

Gail said...

Haven't thought of Sucrets in ages, but yes, those boxes were great for all sorts of little things.

Darcie said...

Continued prayers going out for your daughter and you, Carolyn.

I love little tin boxes like those! I remember Sucrets very well. Practically lived on them as a child...always had colds and sore throats and ear infections. Love the way you've carried on your Mom's tradition for your pins!

Do I see a quilt in the drawing stages back there...beyond the remote?!? Looks good!

Finn said...

Hi Carolyn, so sorry to hear about the long hard issues with our children are never easy, and some harder than others. I'll be happy to keep all of you in my prayers.
I love your Sucrets tin...*VBS* It doesn't reall matter what the pins are in, as long as it is what works for you..and memories are a good thing..*VBS* Hugs, Finn

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

It used to be that pins came in very good boxes that didn't pop open all the time, so sorry that they don't make those anymore, but your box seems to solve the problem... and continues the tradition of your Mom.

Hang in there with your daughter... sometimes the wait and aniticipation of a doctors visit is worse than the actual visit.



Judy said...

I'll keep your famnily in my prayers. The tin works great and it's something that ties to a good memory and that's what is important! Glad you found one!