Friday, September 01, 2006

A Day at the Zoo

My youngest daughter Grace and I headed back into Philadelphia on Wednesday to go to the Zoo. The Philadelphia Zoo is the oldest in the country...and for years some of the displays looked like they were from when it was originally built! They have done a marvelous job over the last 20 years or so, updating the facilities. About 10 years ago their Primate building burned down and a number of the animals were killed. That has been rebuilt and is a beautiful display. The newest addition is their "Big Cat Falls" which they've built around the original Cat Exhibit House and is just wonderful

When you enter the zoo there is this elephant sculpture along with beautiful gardens. I love wandering around and seeing the gardens there. This antelope just seemed to be posing for us and I had to take his picture! The last photo is of Grace standing by the wild boar statue. We have a number of pictures like this, taken as the kids have grown.

My husband has arrived home safely from Seattle, thank goodness! It's been strange to have him gone for 3 weeks...I'm used to week long trips, but 3 weeks is a long time!

Haven't done much more sewing this week. I did work on my cathedral windows the other night and have been working on the backing for my One Hour a Day quilt. I've taken 12.5" squares of the floral fabrics I've used in the quilt and I'm sewing them together for the backing. No rhyme or reason to it. Why 12.5" blocks? Because that's the size ruler I have!

The rain from Ernesto has started here. It's supposed to get worse as the night progresses, but be gone by mid-morning. A good night to stay in and sew. Tomorrow we will take my husband's bike down to our son at college (the advantage of him being only an hour away!) so he can ride it around campus, then we're heading to IKEA in Philly to get a wooden bookshelf for my sewing room. I need a place for my was getting faded on the shelves near the window. This will be on the opposite side of the room and out of direct sunlight. Everyone enjoy the Labor Day weekend!


EileenKNY said...

I never knew Philly had the oldest zoo. Looks like Grace had a good time.
While you're busy for the weekend, we'll be getting our soaking from Ernesto. I'm hoping it stays west and misses us altogether.

Screen Door said...

Darling Daughter. Too cute!!! Enjoy the last few days of summer. Hope you don't get too much rain.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

How fun that you and your daughter were able to spend some time together!

I often cut things the size of whatever ruler I am using - why not? That would be why so many of my solid borders are cut at 6.5"! The backing sounds like a good stash buster as well.



quiltpixie said...

ooooo Ikea. I so wish there was one close to me... mail order just isn't the same.. :-)

Hedgehog said...

Looks like a fun day at the zoo! Enjoy the holiday weekend.

Carol said...

What a very fun day! My thoughts are with you with Ernesto. He really fizzled for Florida but gained strength when he left. Be safe. IKEA...can't wait, we're getting one sometime next year.

Darcie said...

Glad your DH is home with you all now. Hope the rains from Ernesto are a delight to hear on the roof...and nothing more. (I love that sound!)

Great pics of the zoo! It's good that you got to go there before the schoolyear gets to hectic.

I want an IKEA! Do you think they know that North Dakota exists?! Probably not.

Enjoy your trip to your son's...and have a wonderful weekend!

Susan said...

Thanks for the update on the zoo. I was very disappointed in that zoo, back in the 70s, and it's nice to know that its been improving!

ForestJane said...

The statue of the elephants looked almost real, at first glance. :)

Have a nice trip to see your son! I loved having my bike at college - living in a dorm, it was a lot more sensible than driving the car to the more distant buildings.