Sunday, April 02, 2006

Birds in the Air

I've quilted several Birds in the Air quilts in the past few months and I found this one to be so striking! The customer used all civil war prints and the colors just went together perfectly. I did a freehand feather meander over the entire middle of the quilt and feathers in the outer border. The inner border is a curlycue design.

I just bought the book, so I think I may have to make one for myself!

Other than that it's been pretty quiet here. Except for the couple of hours I spent in the emergency room on Friday! My youngest, Grace, was at the beach with her friends on Friday afternoon as they had the day off and it was gorgeous out. She managed to trip over a cement step and rip a nice hole in her was about the size of a quarter and only attached on one side. She calls me and says, "mom, I'm bleeding. My shoe is bloody, my pants are bloody...are you going to be home soon? I came home, put a call in to the doctor and he said to take her in. Grace managed to talk the ER doc out of giving her stitches (she's good, isn't she?) and he superglued the whole thing back on using Dermabond. She didn't manage to talk him out of giving her a tetanus shot, though! I have to take her to the family doctor this week to have it checked. Don't we know how to have fun?

Last night, my DH and I took a ride over to Dave & Busters on the Philadelphia waterfront and met some guys who came in from all over the country for a big sales meeting at my husband's office. There was a 3.5 hour wait for a table...and we didn't get there until 8:00 at night! We hung out at the bar with the guys and finally were seated at 10:30, a whole hour early. We had a great time...I can't remember the last time I had drinks with 9 guys!

Today was a quiet one, spent most of it finishing this quilt, then I dropped Grace and a friend off at our church youth group meeting and my 16 yo daughter and I went to Panera for dinner. I love that place...I had a chicken caesar salad that was just delicious.

Tomorrow I'll have to do my March wrap up, but I can't remember what I did last month, so I have to think about it!


Laurie said...

That Bird in the Air quilt is STUNNING!!! I might have to mamke one of those some day...ah, the list goes on and on!

I hope Grace's toe is doing WELL! It sounded AWFUL!

Finn said...

I can see why you'd like that quilt..*VBS* It is a beauty! I have some blocks of that pattern sewn and in a bag..a UFO...might have to consider that layout for them. I've used the older Marcus Bros. fabric, and the blocks are pretty dull....hmmmmm?

So sorry to hear about Grace's toe..hope everything is coming along fine with it.

cher said...

it is a stunning quilt-I can only imagine how inspiring so many of your customer quilts must be...and a big OUCH for Grace and her toe adventure...amazing how "children" can roll with these types of accidents.

Sharon said...

Love it love it love it! I think I am seeing that I really like the symmetry of how these types of quilts look. It's exciting and calming all at the same time!

Linda_J said...

Your customers quilt looks great and the feathers really enhance it. Would the book be Eleanor Burns' by any chance? In that case I have it in my library. Have not tried it yet----but will because I really like the graphic look of this pattern,

Hope the family emergencies are behind you.

Mary said...

I love the Birds in the Air - that is one of my favorite patterns and I agree the colors in this one are beautiful.

I frequently meet my husband and his co-workers for drinks or dinner and a lot of times I am the only girl too. He's a Director of Sales for a medical manufacturing company and travels frequently so sometimes if I want to see him at all - it's in a crowd of sales people.

Dawn said...

Carolyn - WOW - thanks for sharing that Birds in Air quilt. I've always wanted to make one and seeing this one sure makes me long to do it again! So what book did you buy to make it from? I know there are tons out there with that pattern in it.

Holly said...

Thanks for snapping a picture of the Birds in the Air quilt. It's wonderful! I'm tempted to make one now :)

Hanne said...

I really like your quilt :-)