Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I've been cutting my leftover fabrics into strips for the last year or so and had accumulated quite a collection of them. I've made a few quilts with them...a couple of log cabins, some heartstrings blocks, nine patch quilts, but the boxes never seemed to empty, no matter how many I used. I would look at them and feel guilty that I had them all neatly cut and rarely used them. I did think about using up bunches of them in Bonnie's Orange Crush quilt, but I haven't found the time to work on it. So there they sat...until tonight.

This morning at school, the art teacher came to me and said, "You're a quilter. Would you have any scraps that you'd like to donate to the art classes? We make puppets and the fabric I have has been rooted through for so many years, I just can't look at it again. What I really need is strips of fabric, we use them for the arms of the puppets..." Strips? Did she say STRIPS? Of course I have strips. So the bags above are going to the art teacher tomorrow....and my strip bins are EMPTY!!!!

I don't know how many yards of fabric are in there, but all of them have been used in one quilt or another over the years and it's nice to see them going to a good home. AND THEY'RE OUT OF MY SEWING ROOM!!! Of course, I did manage to make room for a few new fabrics in the last week. The fabrics below are from my stash and have been paired with the new fairy fabric from Michael Miller. These will become a quilt for a special little girl.

And these are....just because I loved them when I stopped in The Little Shop a few weeks ago. I have no idea what they'll become.

Judy was having a Quiltathon today and I got to play a little bit. I spent several hours quilting on a customer quilt. I'm quilting an all over feather design and today was one of those days where I got "in the zone" and it felt good to quilt. Until my back started to hurt. So I went upstairs and sewed the binding on the front of the second graduation quilt. The handsewing will be done over the weekend since it's going to be hot and humid here for the next few days...I'll be sitting under an air conditioning vent while I sew!

Wow, two posts in the same mom is going to be happy! :o)


Gypsy Quilter said...

Those will be very colorful puppets that's for sure! Glad you are making progress despite the heat.

Vicki W said...

That's like winning the lottery - finding a home for scraps where they will actually be used! Congratualtions! Now you can buy more fabric. :)

furiousBall said...

oh i know who that little girl is! nice!

Caron said...

Stripping? That title made me laugh. Everyone calls my husband a "stripper" because he has a furniture restoration business in town. He's known as the person to go to for stripping.

Never thought of a quilter as a stripper, too! LOL

Caron in Michigan

Mary said...

That's a good feeling - sometimes I wish my string bins would empty out but it seems no matter how many strip or string quilts I make, the bins just keep filling up!

Suzy Quilter said...

What a great way to donate all those scraps and strips. I've accumulated 3 large bins full, myself. Now if I could just bear to part with them.... LOL! :o)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Great job at getting rid of your strips so you can start all over again - fresh! Sounds like they found a good home! And your new fabrics are very nice.