Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Starting new projects

Remember the stack of Christmas fabrics I bought about a month or so ago? I've started the quilt that I'm making out of them. It's from the book Thimbleberries Holiday Collection. I have to make lots of flying geese for it...about 144, so they are what I've been working on lately. I love the background fabric with the little Christmas balls...too cute!

I've also finished another customer quilt (thank goodness for those Baptist Fans! She picked it up today and just loved it. I love the pattern she used and her fabric choices are beautiful!
Other than that it's been pretty quiet here. It sounds as if you all had a nice Mother's Day. I did too! I spent most of Saturday working in the yard. Saturday night we met some of my husband's customers at a little Italian place in Philadelphia called Ristorante Pesto. The food there is amazing and the limoncello is divine! We were a little early so we spent some time driving around Center City Philadelphia. Now, I'm not a city girl at all...but I could see myself living in Philly. In the right areas, of course! The architecture is beautiful in Center City, Olde City and several other areas. Everything you need is in walking, shopping, restaurants, coffee shops, book stores, museums, historic sites, medical name it and you can find it. Moving to the city once the kids are grown is something we've been knocking around for awhile and I've always been dead set against it. I'm beginning to see where there could be some advantages too! Oh well, we have a lot of years before we have to think about that!

On Mother's Day, after church we headed to my parents' house. My brother and sister and their families all met there for lunch. Mom seemed so happy to have us all together. When we got home, my husband got ready to leave on a business trip while I worked in the yard. For MD, my DH and kids gave me 4 David Austen Old English rosebushes. I got those planted...I can't wait to see them bloom. I've ordered a few more hybrid tea roses for the side of the house as well as two climbers to put on either side of the Old English roses to be trained up the posts of the porch. I love roses. :o) Anyway, DH left for Connecticut, we ordered sandwiches for dinner and that was our evening...very quiet.

Not much to report from NJ...I think I'll go look for an update on Judy's cabin!!!


Laura said...

Gorgeous quilt! I am so loving those baptist fans!

Screen Door said...

I've been admiring your work for weeks. Your points are beautiful (a real weakness for me!!!) Cities are OK , Convenience has its benefits - But at the same time small towns are the best and its a good thing not having so many choices to make. I live in a little town 100 miles north of Green Bay WI.
Take Care - Melanie

Jeanne said...

That ornament fabric IS cute!
Jeanne :)

ForestJane said...

A dozen dozen flying geese is a LOT of geese! Are they all identical?

Finn said...

Love the beginnings of you new christmas quilt Carolyn!! I can hardly wait to watch it grow!

Hanne said...

Lovely customer quilt with lovely quilting. I really like your flying geese - will it be the bedcover on the book outside ?

JudyL said...

I love the fans on the customer's quilt. Are those colors cheddar, burgundy and green? Whatever it is, it is very pretty.

Your Christmas background is so cute! What method are you using to make all those flying geese?

Judy L.

Mary said...

Those Baptist Fans look wonderful on everything I've seen them on - how great is that!

Laurie said...

love the flying geese...the fabric is adorable!

Dawn said...

Great customer quilt! And I love the outside border with the part of the block in the corner like that!

And of course the fans look great on it!

Darcie said...

Amen! I couldn't agree with you more, Carolyn!

***thank goodness for those Baptist Fans!***