Thursday, May 11, 2006

Anticipating Rain...

The weather for the last few weeks has been absolutely glorious. Temperatures have been in the 70s, the skies have been clear blue and it has been wonderful to be outside. Except for the pollen. The town I live in is part of the Pine Barrens of New Jersey...which, obviously, has a lot of trees. Pine trees, maples, oaks...they're all here. And they're beautiful. However, in the spring, they all release their pollen at the same time and EVERYTHING is covered with a thick coating of yellow dust. I've never lived anywhere with so much pollen! Normally the rain will wash it away, but we haven't had any rain. This allergy season is horrible!

Today we're anticipating rain...and lots of it. I can't wait! I love the sound of rain drumming on the windows, the smell of the air during a storm, the feeling that home is exactly where I should be...I love rain. It will also nourish my roses which have started to bloom. The pictures are of my absolute favorite rose, the Rio Samba. The buds are red/orange/ yellow and they open up into beautiful blooms. As they fade they turn pink, so at any given time there will be roses ranging from red to orange to yellow to pink on the's gorgeous! I've shared a few pictures of mine...buds on the kitchen table, a full bloom and the bush of many colors. If you love roses, give this one a try!

Speaking of roses, my family has given me 4 David Austen old English roses for Mother's Day. Of course, I have no bed prepared to plant them, so they'll have to wait until the rains go...sometime next week. I can't wait to get them in the ground and watch them grow.


Laurie said...

I just LOVE roses...and yours are GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing!

Tracey said...

Carolyn, those are so beautiful roses you got there. Do they have much fragrance?

I'm glad to hear that things are going better for you. :o)

Sharon said...

What a beauty! I love how the bush has so many colors on it t once - I think I will have to look this one up! Thanks for sharing!

At first I thought I saw a butterfly on it,and I wondered why you didn't say anything. After I enlarged the picture, I saw that the "faux butterfly" might be a tag hanging on the bush? LOL!

Lois R. said...

Lovely Rio Samba. The colors remind me of Tonya's Hot Crazy Love quilt!

Your roses look so healthy. How DO you do it?

Darcie said...


Do you think your green thumb could possibly *pollenate* my thumb??? Wow! ;-)

cher said...

stunning roses...I will have to ask for one for my garden! And, they look so wonderful really have the rose gardener touch.