Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Shelves are Filling Up!

Ummm...I had a little fun this weekend! We took our daughter up to our Diocesan Spring Youth Event in Lebanon, NJ. On the way home on Sunday, after picking her up, we stopped at my favorite quilt shop. I only did a little damage...not nearly as much as last time! The two large pieces were on the clearance shelf...how can you pass up neutrals when they're on clearance? Apparently I can't!

The others are repros for a pattern I picked up awhile ago...or for two, actually! One is Amadeus
and the other is Rose Pistola, both by Miss Rosie's Quilt Company.

My daughter picked up the pattern for the sheep from Rumpled Quiltskins. She picked the cow fabric to make the body, the hot pink Moda below for the ruffles and a teal green for the inside of the ears and the foot pads. This will be one interesting sheep!

Other than that it's been quiet here. My DH is off to New England for the week. He called me from the ferry that runs from Orient Point, Long Island, NY to somewhere in CT. It's a gorgeous day and he was sitting on the top deck of the ferry while he crossed. I wish I was there with him!

Tonight I'll be watching American Idol while I sew...I've gotten so much done during that show this season! My kids have been wandering into my sewing room to watch with me...it's been nice! I still can't believe Chris got voted off the show...I was heartbroken. This has been about the only show I watch on a regular basis, aside from House. I'll have to tape tonight's finale of that...will be out picking up my daughter from work when it ends.


Screen Door said...

I just got Miss Rosie's Heart and Soul Pattern...She's got 2 books out also. When you saw the name Miss Rosie what did you think of? I just pictured little White haired lady with brown paper patterns that she converted to a pattern business. She has quite a different story.


Have fun quilting

Dawn said...

What great fabric finds! And your miss rosie patterns are really fun too! Can wait to see yours in the works!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Yardage in neutrals is a MUST - I mean, you can't very well start a quilt unless you have enough for the background. I love them! And what a fun collection of other cuts you got too - sounds like a good shopping trip.



Judy said...

The sale corner at my LQS always gets me too. Especially the neutrals and the backing fabrics!

Don't you love that type of ruler? (in your pic)It's my favorite kind!!

YankeeQuilter said...

I got stuck at a going away dinner and missed Idol! I also love House...the final for this season was very strange but I liked it! I'm with you on neutrals too...when I'm home in New England I always hit two stores that have big sales areas and stock up on borders and backings! Sorry I can't agree on the Yankees though...I'm Boston born and a card carrying citizen of Red Sox Nation! I've been down south so long Yankee no longer just means New York!!!

ForestJane said...

I can't wait to see the sheep!

Looks like you made some great purchases.

My favorite show to quilt to is CSI :)

Hanne said...

Lovely fabrics you have purchased :-)

Jeanne said...

I'll be looking forward to seeing that sheep!
Jeanne :)

Lizzy said...

I'm a big idol fan too. I really like Cris lots of people were shocked when he got voted off. Love the neutrals you picked up

Darcie said...

You've made some good looking purchases, Carolyn. Your daughter's sheep sounds pretty interesting...can't wait to see it!