Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday's Quilt

This is the little quilt that was peeking out under the bear paw quilt. Several years ago I headed down to Maryland to spend a weekend with a quilting friend. She met me at a small quilt shop and while there I found this kit. I'm not typically one who buys kits, but this was just such a wonderful quilt, I had to buy it! By the end of our little retreat I had the top pieced and just needed to add the borders. I got it home, finished the top and figured I'd give it a whirl on my new long arm. This was the first quilt I did for myself on my longarm...I meandered it with a cotton thread that changes from green to burgundy to tan and it came out wonderfully. It's one of my favorites...I guess I like the simple things in life! Looks like it needs to be washed to get that crease out of the middle of it though! :o)


Sarah said...

You are right - it is cute! And it looks simple to make!

Sarah N

Finn said...

Nice quilt Carolyn, looks very comfortable and happy. And like Gwen Marson's says "When in doubt, make a 4 patch". A good thing to know..*VBS*

Dawn said...

You know, with all the fancy quilts I do (well ok fancy for me) I find these traditional simple patterns are sometimes the most striking! I love this!

Bonnie said...

I like the simple things in life too...those are the ones that give me the most comfort and enjoyment. I love the 4 patch looks so cozy!


Darcie said...

Your quilt is terrific, Carolyn! And such fond memories to go with it.

One of our basketball coach friends uses the KISS method: Keep It Simple Silly ;-)

Words to live by! ;-)