Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Almost Amish

One of my customers left me this beauty to quilt. I've quilted several Amish style quilts, but they were all brights on the black background. This one (can this be my sampler quilt contribution? LOL) has much more muted colors against the black and it's just gorgeous. I did an all over swirly, feathery design in the background and some of the blocks are treated with curved lines, feathered spines and assorted other things. This was one of the fun ones to quilt!

I've been thinking a great deal about the changes to the Mavericks. When I joined, not so long ago, I enjoyed the easy cameraderie amongst the members and how, with our own little differences, we were all basically on the same journey with our quilting. As new members were added, although I love art quilts, I was losing interest in many of the blogs and would skip right past them, unless they focused on their lives or quilts...not their quest to be quilt artists. There were a few I enjoyed immensely, but those I've kept links for and can visit them. Change can be a difficult thing, but sometimes it is necessary. As Judy and Darcie stated, if my blog becomes too non-quilt related or if I suddenly become an art quilter (which I doubt will happen!) I'd like my blog to be in the right place. If the Mavericks is not the place, I can handle it. But for now...I don't want to be anywhere else than here!


Finn said...

Morning Carolyn, I certainly think that wonderful Amish quilt can qualify you for the samplers...not that we were "doing" that, but it seems like sometimes when one of us posts something, the rest of us join in...*VBS* And it's fun to see other peoples efforts. Actually Lucy was the only one I had seen doing a sampler right now, until I visited Holly at "sew be it", and she said she loves samplers. Got me to thinking...ya know????

Yup, changes are hard..but things evolve and that is life. I'm in complete agreement with your statement...I, too, skipped over the "art quilt type" pieces. They were part of our "community", but not why I am here. It's fine with me for us to be a small group..I couldn't possibly visit 200+ members each day.
I think you fit just fine..I love the old quilt you showed us a day or so ago, and your roses are beautiful..wish I could grow them. Give yourself some slack and a pat on the back..you JUST got off the "house for sale" merry-go-round..Hugs, Finn

Joanne said...

The Amish style sampler is great. Love your roses -- I used to grow them many eons ago (my favorite was the Peace rose -- yellow and pink). One year they all got black spot and I finally gave up growing them. They are still my favorite flower.
I like your old quilt too -- I never seem to run across these bargains -- when I find one I can't afford to buy it! (well, I could, but then I couldn't buy fabric or the longarm I'm saving for!)LOL

Darcie said...

Love your machine quilting on "your" Sampler, Carolyn! I personally just love *anything* against black!


Dawn said...

I agree - love those muted colors against the black! Very striking! Bet it is hard to give those quilts back to their owners!

Tonya R said...

I do so love solid colors set on black, which is certainly showing your stitches to great advantage as well.

Bonnie said...

I love the inner border on this one especially, I think it ties all the colors together! What a great idea. I am a big fan of amish quilts...this one gets a big thumbs up from me!