Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunday Evening...

It's been a very long and not very good week, so I've been quiet. At least on my blog. I've been escaping by reading everyone else's blogs and enjoy them all so much. JoAnne, thanks for sharing the pictures of your cabin. It's gorgeous! Bonnie, I'm glad to hear you will be done school soon and I LOVE your random stars quilt! I can't wait to see the next one you will be making!

I thought I'd share pictures of my little sewing room where I do my piecing, etc. The longarm is set up in my living room and my little sewing room is upstairs where I can hide away.

Here is my sewing table and my pathetic little stash. Surprisingly, I usually manage to find what I need there. There are also some larger pieces of fabric in my grandmother's desk which is in the photo, one drawer full. Then there is an entire drawer full of t-shirts which I hope to make into quilts some day! The next picture is my design wall. It is a really cheap and kind of sticky blanket that I got at WalMart years ago for $4. The quilt on the wall is one that I had started several years ago and with the inspiration from your blogs, finally finished, except for the borders. They'll be my next project! I put the borders on a batik star quilt yesterday and will get pictures of that up soon.
This last picture is of one of our dogs, Samuel Adams, affectionately known as Sam. Except for last night when he barked from 4:15am until 8am. I won't tell you what his name was then, but I'm sure you can imagine! We adopted him from a local shelter over the summer and he's been a delight somedays and a pain on others. He doesn't remember what housebreaking is from one day to the next and he's a little crazy man at times. But then, he never leaves my side and is always at my feet when I sew, so it's nice to have him around. Now...why was it not such a good week? As I've mentioned, our house is on the market. Yes, I hope to give up my cute little sewing room! We got an offer last Saturday, the buyers were very excited. We agreed on a price, set a date for settlement and drew up contracts. When it came time for them to sign on the dotted line, they didn't do it. They need to think about it for awhile. Apparently, 6 days later, they're still thinking. Everything is up in the air and it's driving me crazy. Today we had another open house and now there is another family interested in the house, but they will need to sell their house, etc., which the first buyers didn't. That's if the new people even make an offer. I'm just getting very frustrated with this whole process...I think selling a house is one of the least pleasant things in the world to have to do. Think I'll go load a quilt and get my mind off of it! :o)


Finn said...

Hi Carolyn, Sam Adams is just too sweet..*S* He really wants to be a good dog, just forgets sometimes.
I know selling a house is one of the hardest things to live with and see through. Keep the faith, it WILL sell.
Your sewing space is delightful..don't worry abut your stash size..more isn't always better..LOL..just "more" and that means MORE to move.
Love the and white quilts are among my favorites.

Dawn said...

I love your quilt on your design wall! It is going to be great when you get it done! And what a great sewing room! Enjoy it while you can!