Thursday, October 20, 2005

Another day, another quilt done...

Sometimes a quilt can be on my machine for weeks, other times they can take hours. This quilt is another customer's handiwork. I've always loved Snail's Trails quilts and this one was particularly striking. The contrast was beautiful and the piecing was precise. Another wonderful quilt to work on.

Today I saw that Karen McTavish was going to be on Simply Quilts and even though I've seen this episode before, I had to watch. She is truly an artist. The thing that really struck me was that she said it takes her about 10 days to do a wholecloth from conception to completion. TEN DAYS!!! It would take me years! I'm trying to design a panto to use on a customer's quilt and it's taking me forever. Maybe someday....but for now I'm very happy doing what I do!


Dawn said...

Wow that is lovely! When you enlarge the picture the texture of the green that tone on tone is wonderful too!

Aren't Karen McTavish's whole cloths to die for! Boy would I love to take a few days and do a class with her and make one!

Finn said...

Great quilt Carolyn, thanks for sharing it with us. It's fun how the contrast pops back and forth from the green to the white.