Monday, October 17, 2005

Bad Days, Good Days

We've had some bad days here in my part of New Jersey. As many of you have seen, there's been rain. A lot of it. Actually, way too much of it! Fortunately, we were spared and other than some minor flooding in our front yard, we were good. Friends of ours weren't so lucky. They were off having a good time and my daughter and I were cat sitting for them. Thank heavens they have cats! I went into their house on Friday morning to feed the critters and stepped into about 2 inches of water. It covered their entire downstairs. I made a few phone calls, rounded up some friends to help and within about 4 hours we had most of the water pumped out of the house. But it was too late to save carpeting, Pergo floors and quite a few of their belongings. I can't imagine how much water would have been in there if they hadn't needed us to come over and take care of the animals.

Saturday turned out to be one of the GOOD days! The skies cleared, it was breezy and cool and there was a quilt show! My guild, the Berry Basket Quilters of Medford, NJ, had their bi-annual show. Every time they have it I think I'm going to actually finish something to enter, but haven't yet! Fortunately, a few of my customers do enter. Including this one...who won Best of Show! I've never quilted a Best of Show quilt so I'm VERY excited. This is the quilt, hanging in the show. It was called "Mitosis". One thing that upset me at the show was that NONE of the machine quilters were credited for their work. It was an oversight, as one of the husbands volunteered to type up the tags that hung on the quilts and he didn't include that information. They did ask for that information on the entry forms. I spoke to a few people and by the time I left, my business cards were on the quilts I had quilted and they were laying on a table in the entry for people to pick up. I guess it's true, the squeaky wheel gets oiled! I'll post pictures of the quilt once Blogger lets me do it...

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