Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Home again...

Arrived home safely on Sunday evening after spending a wonderful few days in Vermont with the kids.  We had our Christmas tree...

which the Fox in Sox kept a close watch over.  I remember how the kids used to open gifts and beg to have their pictures taken...not this year!

Max was happy to have HIS picture taken, with his new penguin! 
We had more snow in NJ than we did in Vermont, but it was just so pretty up there.  I was fascinated with the frost on the trees as we would drive through the higher elevations!  I guess that's why Andrew calls me a "Flatlander".

When I arrived home there were some wonderful gifts waiting for me.  First was this incredible pair of Evangeline mitts from Amy at abc creations.  They're gorgeous and I absolutely love them!

And second was this beautiful package from my Charming Girls Secret Santa Swap partner, Kate.  She sent a tissue box holder in a gorgeous Christmas fabric (I need to go buy tissues to fit it!), along with a little chicken pincushion, a 2" Omnigrid ruler with a ribbon on it (I hung it on my tree!) and a fat quarter of fabric.  Thank you so much Kate, I love everything!

I got back to real life today...worked a Weight Watchers meeting, then ran to the quilt store to drop my Pfaff off for service.  Tomorrow is my first day at the real estate agency where I'll be working...I can't wait!  The new year holds a lot of promise and I'm looking forward to seeing where it leads me!  I hope that the new year brings you wondrous journeys as well!


amy said...

Good luck tomorrow and have fun!! How exciting!

Glad you like the mitts, and thanks for the reminder--I should get my Pfaff serviced too, after she reopens from holiday vacation.

Michelle said...

Have fun! I'm looking forward to the new year too!

debby said...

Happy New Year and good luck in your new job!