Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Almost there...

I've got one more week left of Real Estate Licensing class and tonight is a big test.  Our final is on Monday, then if I pass that I can go on to take the state licensing exam.  I've been spending my time studying, taking practice tests and putting all of the vocabulary on index cards so I can study some more.  At least 20 vocabulary words per chapter and 22 chapters = A LOT of index cards!

On Monday, Grace received the H1N1 nasal vaccine at school and had an immediate reaction to it.  Dizziness, exhaustion, aching, a rash on her neck...the nurse called me pretty quickly to come pick her up!  So, did you know that since the nasal vaccine contains a small amount of weakened, live virus, you can get a mild case of H1N1 from it?  She's been home from school since.  I'm hoping she can go back tomorrow, the doctor says she can return once she's been 48 hours without a fever.  I guess a mild case is better than a regular case of swine flu!


Thimbleanna said...

I hope Grace is feeling better soon. And good luck on your Real Estate exam!

Darcie said...

How'd you do how'd you do?!?!

Hope Grace is feeling like herself again.