Monday, April 14, 2008


On Friday night, my beautiful daughter attended the Junior Dinner Dance with a friend. Isn't she lovely?

She was a bit more refined once we arrived at his house for pictures!

Then we took daughter number two out for some shopping and dinner at Panera...

It was a beautiful weekend here in South Jersey. Saturday was 70 degrees, although overcast, and Sunday was cooler, but sunnier. We ran some errands on Saturday morning, including a trip to the little yarn store in town, which is having a retirement/going out of business sale. I came out empty handed...most of what was left was specialty yarns, which I don't really need. Once home I was able to spend a good bit of the afternoon in my sewing room. I made my next Dear Jane block, C-3.

Then spent some time working on my Lucky Stars quilts. On Sunday we spent a few hours working in the yard, then I sewed for awhile longer.
It was a quiet weekend, but very productive. The boss is off to Anchorage this week and Seattle next week, so it will just be the girls and I at home. If I don't get lazy, I should get a lot done!


furiousBall said...

wait a second... why doesn't Grace have her guitar with her at Panera?

ForestJane said...

Very pretty in red, she is. :) And the stars are turning out great, I can't wait to see it get put together with the sashing between. :)

Darcie said...

They both look like they have great personalities. You girls should have a fun couple of weeks!