Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pattern Busting

Over the past few months I've been playing around with eBay, trying to see if I can sell a few things that we no longer need. I've managed to sell a few items, including a karate chest protector, a set of exercise bands and most recently, 3 pairs of size 0, almost new pants!

As I was listing a couple of doorknobs we had laying around, I was thinking about stashbusting. I don't feel that I'm ready to make a committment to the one year no buying group...I don't think my stash is big enough to need that. AND I would miss getting my monthly Sweet Treats too much! So I've decided to do a little pattern busting! I know that I will never get around to making quilts from these patterns. All were gifts from secret pals of old and as much as I like them, I have so many other projects in my little head that I won't get to these. So, I've listed each of them on eBay and will see if they sell. If not, I guess that means I'm MEANT to make them...someday!

Now, if I could bring myself to get rid of some of my magazines, I'd be in good shape and would make some quilters very happy. But I'm not ready for that yet....little steps!


Pam said...

With as many patterns as we can get free online, with as many designs as we come up with on our own, I find that magazines and pattern books are just not my thing anymore. I have been giving a few now and then to a pal of mine who does all my eBay selling for me. She actually has a full time job as an eBay seller.

quiltpixie said...

weeding through patterns seems like a good idea -- I have a lot, but never actaully follow a pattern when I quilt -- hmmmm maybe I'll think about joining you and thinning.

EileenKNY said...

I have some longarm templates I spent a lot on and will never use. I've thought about EBay, but I've been too lazy.
How do you do with it?

Susan said...

Good luck with the patterns, and with your daughter's biopsy results.

YankeeQuilter said...

Patterns do tend to pile the time I get around to making one I've used the material I bought for it for something else!

Rae said...

Too bad we cannot do some sort of swap meet.