Thursday, October 12, 2006

More blocks...

Here are the two latest blocks for my Women of the Bible Quilt. The first block is for Lot's Wife. I didn't like the block that was assigned for her, so I chose a different one. I thought a Contrary Wife block would be appropriate...if she wasn't so contrary, she wouldn't have been turned into a pillar of salt! I took the easy way out and paper pieced this block.

The second block is for Rebekah. I just loved making this block...I made templates, marked my quarter inch and hand pieced it while watching the coverage of the plane crash in NYC yesterday. As a Phillies fan and a Yankees fan (I lived in NY for almost 9 years, I was so sad to see that Cory Lidle was on the plane.

It's a beautiful day here...and the temps are dropping into the 30s tonight. I'm not ready for Finn's snow yet, but I love the cooler temperatures...Fall is my favorite season. You'd think I'd have an autumn leaves quilt, wouldn't you? That may have to be one of my next projects, once all my quilts are quilted. Another "maybe someday" project... I'll bet no one else has projects like those! :o)


JudyL said...

I agree - she had to have been contrary! A sweet wife would never have been turned into a pillar of salt! :)

Your blocks look great.

Judy L.

Nines said...

Love your Women of the Bible blocks- they look great! And congratulations on the "big" move! I had completely forgotten about Sucrets!!! My Dad used to have a tin in his dresser drawer for when he had a sore throat... things you remember, huh? Or things you forget!! yellow roses are my favorite.

Screen Door said...

Loved the blocks, and your 'take' on the blocks too. The snow will be there before you know it. I love the colored leaves, but I know what's next.

Anonymous said...

I found you through a link somewhere.

I'm a beginner quilter and am totally addicted!

Your blocks are beautiful!

Great blog, I'll be back again.

Have a great day!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

You are making great progress on your blocks!



Rae said...

I have 10 excell pages of projects waitting for their time. I keep track of my fabric by the project. It is all on an excell spreed sheet (10 pages long).


Susan said...

I'm still loving your Women of the Bible series. This is going to be a *great* quilt!