Monday, January 16, 2006

Another finish!

A few years ago I flew down to Texas to visit a dear friend. Another friend flew in from Minnesota and we went to a cabin in Louisiana and spent a few days quilting. We all made Ricky Timm's Convergence Quilts. This is one of the 3 I made. Over the weekend I finally put borders on the quilt and today I quilted and bound it. It will live in my studio as a quilting sample.

My son went back to school today, so now I can go steal the log cabin quilt off of his bed, measure it and see how much bigger I need to make the 25 patch quilt for the other bed. I'm hoping I can make it the same size by adding an extra border or two, rather than having to make more rows of blocks! Next on the machine are some customer quilts, then I hope to find time to finish another of my own. I'm really enjoying finishing things for a change!


Sandra said...

I love how the turquoise blue seems to sparkle against the reds - you did a great job :-)

cher said...

really nice color flow! the turquoise really pops...Cher

Lucy said...

Ricky timms is very hot here too.. A other teacher in the shop gives classes about the methode. Yours truned out great !!

Sarah said...

I have a little convergence "Kit" Nina made for me, waiting to be done. Guess I should add that to my things to do list!


Sharon said...

This is one of the first Convergence quilts that I truly love. It might be the way the colors all interact with each other - how did you choose the colors - from the border fabric?

I'll have to blog about the $300 Convergence wallhanging that my friends in the island bought while we were there. I'll try to get the picture out there today. You'll see why yours is so spectacular!

JudyL said...

I have never made a convergence quilt but I've quilted quite a few. They sure look fun!

Judy L.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

The colors in your quilt are really pretty! Great job.



Finn said...

Your convergence quilt is really pretty, and fascinating colors. Good for you for finishing it up.
I still love the colors of your log cabin and 25 patch better, but this one is like eye candy..*VBS*
Thanks for all you sooooo kind comments over at my are special to me too !!!! Hugs, Finn

Laurie said...

Gorgeous convergence quilt! They are so FUN and FAST to do! I did one out of my hand dyes for my dd's room at school! Quilting them is fun as well!

Where in MN is your friend from? I lived there all my life until 4 yrs ago.


Darcie said...

Ooooh, Carolyn. Your Convergence is a gorgeous success! Very pretty!