Saturday, February 06, 2010

Angels Needed!

Chemo Angels is a non profit organization,which supports those who are going through chemotherapy for cancer.  I've been a volunteer for them for about a year, as a Card Angel.  I was assigned a patient and until she "graduated" from the program (she completed her treatment and was declared cancer free!) I sent her a card of encouragement with a little note each week.  For an investment of about $1.50 a week, I was able to support and encourage a person who needed that little boost in her time of need.  I've since been assigned a new patient and have started sending her cards as well.

My point?  I received this email last week...

Due to the tricky economic times as well as the recent holiday season, quite
a few Angels have had to resign during the past few months. We are in
serious need of new volunteers. Please help us spread the word! Tell your
friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers --- anyone you feel would make a
great volunteer. We need Chemo Angels, Card Angels and Senior Angels. Send
interested parties to our website, or .net to apply.

Thank you so much!
Chemo Angels Administration

If you can find it in your heart to volunteer as a Chemo Angel, please visit their website at Chemo Angels.  Also, if you know of someone who could use support during cancer treatment, visit their website and sign them up.  It's a fabulous organization, check them out!

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furiousBall said...

I'm going to set myself a reminder to post this on my own blog during the week next week (when the traffic is heaviest). Sounds like an excellent cause for sure. :)