Monday, October 19, 2009


Grace had a half day this past Friday, so after school I picked her up and headed to Vermont to visit Andrew. I love having a reason to go to Vermont! On Saturday morning while the kids were sleeping, I went out and explored. I'd driven past a quilt shop on the way in and decided to head back there to see what it was like. Good choice...this store was amazing! Waterwheel House quilt shop is a beautiful full of wonderful projects and fabulous fabrics. And Gracie...the shop Golden Retriever, who is just a sweetheart.

This fall leaf quilt was hanging on display...see the little sign that says "Kit Available"? Not anymore, I bought the last one. :o) The sample was done with fusible applique, but I think I'll do needleturn. The fabrics in it were nothing like anything in my stash...lots of brights, Kaffe Fassetts...just a beautiful combination. I plan to prep blocks and work on it during my travels to Vermont and back...when the boss is driving, of course!

Shelley, the owner was very nice and the women in the shop were just having too much fun seems like it would be a great place to hang out! If you find yourself in Londonderry, VT, be sure to stop by! You won't be disappointed.

The ladies did direct me to another shop, Country Treasures in Chester which carried Jo Morton fabrics. We stopped there in the afternoon and I have to had a ton of fabric and was very charming, but also very overwhelming. I found some Jo's that I wanted, but so many bolts of fabric were piled on top of the ones I wanted that I walked out with nothing...and decided that I'd order them online from Old Country Store Fabrics when I got home. This is a shop I've visited several times in Intercourse, PA and love. I didn't realize they'd started an online store!

I also stopped at the yarn shop, Six Loose Ladies in Proctorsville. Another fun place! One of the things I noticed in talking to the people I ran into...most of them were from New Jersey! When you're ready to slow down, the heat lovers from NJ all head to Florida and the cold lovers to Vermont. Guess which one I plan to go to? :o)


Barb said...

I'm guessing you'll pick Vermont but you really should come to Fla to visit Becki and I!

Erin said...

I love the autumn leaves quilt!! :)

Mary said...

It will be a gorgeous quilt! I love Autumn quilts and have a bunch of them that I've made over the years I've been quilting.

Thanks for stopping by and the well wishes. I'm going to take it easy over the next couple days and hope to feel like working on that list soon!

Darcie said...

Well, I do know that if I ever get to the East Coast...I am most certainly making a date with you! lol

I could have been so-right-next-to-you in each of those stores, helping you spend your hard earned money. (And letting you help me too, of course!) That's what friends are for, right?!

Meredith said...

i have never had the guts to take photos ina quilt store. Cute shop! CAn you quilt my quilt? When can I drop it off. Can you believe I need to make another one!