Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Well that narrows it down a bit! I received some goodies from my Stitchers' Angel in today's mail and they are beautiful! My angel made the Blue Wren's Nest tote from Cinderberry Stitches for me and did a fabulous job on it. It will be perfect for my little applique blocks to live in and is adorable. Inside the tote was an Australian fat quarter with kangaroos on it...too cute!
Thanks to my angel...I love it!

It's good to see that someone is stitching because I've done virtually nothing for the past two days. Have felt out of sorts and unproductive. I did load a quilt onto my machine, but haven't started the quilting. I have been knitting while sitting, so at least something has come of my laziness. Tomorrow will be a long day...I'm working at a Weight Watchers center an hour from here in the morning, then we're starting two new meetings in our state capital, one of which already has 57 members. From there I'll pick up my daughter for a doctor's appointment, then afterwards will be my guitar lesson. Maybe I needed to relax and rest up for tomorrow! :o)

I've also got two trips scheduled, both of which I'm very excited about. In a few weeks my youngest and I will be heading to Providence, RI to visit my older daughter at school. We'll leave on Saturday morning and come home on Sunday night. Then later that week I'll be running away from home. I've booked a room in Lancaster, PA for 2 nights and I'm going...all by myself! I've never been away alone before, I'm not sure I'll know how to behave!


furiousBall said...

oh that guitar lesson will be all the relaxing you need


debby said...

Being by yourself for the first time is weird, but I've grown to like it.

Enjoy your trips!

Libby said...

Enjoy your time alone . . . as much as I love my family, I do love to get away from time to time *s*

Sweet P said...

Your new bag is adorable. Sounds you like have a busy schedule. Are you able to bring something to work on while you are traveling?