Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Last One...

Our cake decorating class ended last night and if I don't see buttercream icing again for awhile I'll be very happy. Grace decorated most of this cake, I made two of the roses and she did the rest. I was quite impressed, she makes better roses than I do!

Fabric in, fabric out this week. Out went the binding for my sampler quilt, which is finally done and affectionately being referred to (by my husband) as my "Menopause Quilt". I'm looking forward to getting it on the bed and putting away the heavy comforter that makes me a little warm at night. Yeah, that's it...it's the comforter that does it!

In came 3 yards of orange, lime green and yellow fabric to coordinate with the four patches that I showed in my last post. This quilt will be for Project Linus and all of the new fabric will be used for that quilt! I find it hard to believe that at one time in my life, these were my absolute favorite colors...I had the greatest bedroom with bright yellow walls, a royal blue carpet and lime, yellow and orange accents, which included some lime and yellow vinyl pillows that my mom lovingly made for me (although I'm sure she was ready to smack me for making her sew that nasty stuff! Thanks, Mom!) The 70's at their best! I loved that room...and I have to admit, I still love these colors!


furiousBall said...

any zombies on the cake? zombies like roses too, i mean if they're laying on some brains

Kathie said...

great cake !
looks so pretty.
I love this quilt and this is my favorite quilt pattern....it is beautiful.
Oh those colors...wow, yes I remember those in the 70's too!

Thimbleanna said...

Beautiful cake -- Yum! And was your blue carpet, SHAG carpet??? My sister and I had hot pink shag carpet -- we loved it LOL!

atet said...

Grace's decorations look absolutely yummy! What a great job both of you did (I'm hopeless at that sort of thing so I'm always impressed when others can do it). Love those bright fabrics as well -- I've never had those colors, but I did convince my parents to paint my room hot pink at one point :0). Yeah, it was in the 70's.