Saturday, March 17, 2007


Apparently things around here are not going to settle down. It was a crazy week. I went to the doctor on Monday and was cleared to go back to work. The kids were so happy to see me and it was good to be back! On Wednesday my daughter had a follow up doctor appointment for some bloodwork. That was good because it turned out that on Tuesday a girl in her high school was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. The girl is hospitalized and will recover. The doctor recommended we take my daughter back to the school where the county had set up a health clinic to dispense antibiotics to the students who may have had contact with the sick girl. So off we went to the clinic where she was given Cipro.

On Thursday I took her to the chiropractor for her appointment. My daughter's chiropractor (I see a different doctor in the practice) arranged for me to have a free massage with the in house massage therapist! It was wonderful, if you've never had a massage, I highly recommend it! Afterwards I was telling him about my back going out and he sent me home with exercises, an icy hot cream and a TENS unit to use at home. I felt totally spoiled! Thursday was also my husband's birthday, so he and I had an exciting evening. We went to a 50's style diner for dinner and then went to the radiology place so I could have an MRI. Do we know how to celebrate???

Friday dawned with rain, which turned to ice by noon. We wound up with about 4 inches of ice by this morning. The roads were a mess, but we didn't have to go anywhere last night, so I sat and read by the fire.

So, no quilting done this week, except for some machine quilting on my challenge quilt for MQX. I can only stand at the machine for about 15 minutes before my back begins to complain, so it's slow going. I hope to get more time than that in tomorrow...the deadline is on the 31st! The quilt in this post is an oldie. It was made from signature exchange blocks that I got from an AOL group I was with in 1997. This group was composed of about 30 women across the country. We actually were able to get together for retreats twice back then, but after awhile the group fell apart. However, my 4 best friends were part of that group and we still talk almost every day now, even though we are scattered from New Jersey to Arizona to Minnesota to Florida to Texas. Quilting friends are the best!


Screen Door said...

Funny how "life" gets in the way of quilting...But it seems like everything ended up on the "sunny" side of the street. Love the 9-patch quilt. Thankful your daughter is on the mend.

Sweet P said...

I love massages. DH and I have a couples massage at least once a year. Should do it more often though.

Happy birthday to your DH. It is funny how life does seem to get in the way of important days, isn't it?

I hope your back is better soon.

Conni Lu said...

Carolyn, I have never had a massage (why?) but I have some friends who tell me how wonderful they are and that I should try it. So I'm thinking I should put that on my to-do list. I hope your back continues to improve. When I read about your back pain I think I was having sympathy pains, OUCH, it sounded so bad. :D I'm also a longarm quilter and I have a project in there that needs my attention so that's where I plan to spend a big part of my day.

Libby said...

Massages are wonderful . . . I always wish there was a way to be transported home without having to drive. I don't want some incident to make me tense before I get home *s*