Monday, December 18, 2006

Trimming the tree

Our tree has sat without ornaments for 2 weeks. Saturday night we finally decorated the tree. Sorry the picture is blurry! The tree stands out much better this year because I painted the paneling a lighter color over the summer and it doesn't blend into the wall anymore!

I've been sick for the last week and haven't done much at all. I called in sick today because I just didn't think I'd make it through the morning...and I didn't want to share what I have with the kindergarteners! So, I thought I'd share something with you...a few of my favorite ornaments.

First I have my little tree. There are just a few smaller ornaments on it, but this is the first year we've decorated it, usually it just has lights on it.

This is the first Christmas ornament we bought. We got it on our honeymoon. Since we were buying a house, we cancelled our trip to Bermuda and drove up through New England. We found this in a little shop in Newport, RI.

When my children were little, before I got lazy, I made ornaments for each of us every year. Often they were done in counted cross stitch. This was the year of the gingerbread ornaments. They were stitched on brown Aida cloth...wish I could find more of this because I would love to make one of these for my youngest, who wasn't born when I made these!

And this little glass snowman was one that I bought 2 years ago for Christmas. I find that I'm accumulating more of these antique looking glass ornaments in recent years...they are so pretty, but fragile!

Yesterday we had our Christmas pageant at church. The children did a wonderful job. They told the story of the nativity with a was a takeoff of "Charlie's Angels" and was very cute. My daughter was one of the 3 angels and did great.

Today will be spent finishing a customer quilt (the last before Christmas!) and taking naps on the sofa. A rough day...I know. :o)


Screen Door said...

I love your tress and ornaments.

Hope you feel better real quick. At least you are getting it out of the way before the holidays. Odds, are you'll be feeling great by then.

Petey said...

Carolyn, I'm home sick today also so nice to have you to 'talk' with. Think I might be getting's going around. Usually I don't get what the children have anymore (pretty immune after 30+ years!). I can't count the years I've been sick over Christmas vacation. Thought maybe I could get ahead of it if I stayed home today and rested with extra meds.
Your pictures are inspiring! Makes me want to get out some of our homemade ornaments. I wasn't going to put that tree up this year. Hm-m-m,maybe if I feel better? Love your 'honeymoon' ornament. Thanks for sharing.

Libby said...

Your tree looks like it just glows. I am enjoying seeing so many special ornaments -- thanks for sharing, they are wonderful *s*

Susan said...

Your tree is beautiful. I do like the way it stands out a bit from the background. The ornaments are wonderful. I wonder if you could dye a piece of cloth to brown? Even if it weren't exactly the same, it would still be great! Maybe a bit of Rit in a quart jar, and soak the cloth?

Shelina said...

Your trees and ornaments are very festive. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Tracey said...

oh how pretty!! I especially like that little tree. Too cute!!

Hope you're feeling better soon. Smart call on calling in and taking it easy today. Your body will thank you for it. :o)

Merry Christmas!!