Thursday, June 22, 2006

Older - definitely! Wiser????

I've had a very relaxing day today. I went shopping! Today is my birthday (that's the older part!) and my wonderful family gave me a very generous gift certificate to my favorite quilt shop. This morning, after dropping my daughter off at church to go on a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure, I set off on the hour and a quarter trek to the shop. Being true to my new inspiration, I managed to find quite a few fabrics that will enhance the palette of fabrics I have. Some beautiful burgundies, tans, golds and greens came home with me. I fell in love with one fabric...a rich burgundy with sunflowers scattered on it. I bought the 5 yards left on the bolt because it told me to! :o) I can see it as borders and sashing with the greens and golds as blocks. I have no idea what it will become, but I knew I had to have it!

I'm working on purging my stash of the colors I don't want to work with anymore. The picture is a simple nine patch quilt that will go to my guild as a donation quilt. These are the leftover centers from the Sister's Choice quilt that I made. I had to make a few more to have enough for a decent size top. The border fabric doesn't look quite as muddy in real life as it does in the picture! I just finished this one a few minutes ago and had to share. Now to straighten up the sewing room so I can get back to work on some other quilts. I've made 99 blue and muslin nine patch blocks for my single irish chain. I need to decide how they will be set...I've been playing with a few different options in EQ5. Tonight DH, older daughter and I will be stopping at Panera for a quick dinner before DD goes to work. My son and I will have lunch next week when I (I don't even want to say it!) have to take my Pfaff in for service. A week without a machine...guess I'll have to quilt some quilts on the longarm instead of making them! Or I could pull out the Featherweight, which I've never used!


quiltpixie said...

a week without your machine !!!! wonder if the service personel will let you visit... :-)

JudyL said...

Happy Birthday! Oh, I wish we had a Panera near us!

A week without the Pfaff . . yes, that will be a good time to get some quilting done!

Judy L.

Screen Door said...

Happy birthday - quilt up a storm! What a treat... a gift certificate to a quilt shop...You'll have to take a picture of your purchases.

Linda_J said...

Well, hope you have had a good birthday! Sure sounds like it.

Laurie Ann said...

Happy birthday! That baby blanket is sweet! Glad you had fun with your stash enhancement. What a great birthday present!!

Jeanne said...

Happy birthday!
Good for you about the fabric -- it's GREAT to treat yourself on your special day!!
Jeanne :)

Judy said...

Oh Carolyn, I am thinking about getting a featherweight in the next few days! I can't wait. It will be something extra to use, especially for taking to retreats and things.

Happy Birthday and good shopping.

cher said...

happy belated birthday! the same day as my sons as well. sounds like you had a wonderful time fabric shopping and great to purge those colors that you are no longer in love with and put some in that will make you excited to play with! great donation quilt