Monday, February 13, 2006

Snow Day!

Winter finally arrived and left quickly! The snow started on Saturday afternoon and by bedtime we only had a few inches. But by Sunday morning when we got up, the wind was blowing, we had thunder and when all was said and done, about a foot of snow. It was wonderful!
The first picture is of our backyard, looking across the empty lot behind us, during the storm. The second picture is my poor birch tree, bending under the weight of the snow. That was taken this morning...then I knocked some of the snow off. It looks a little taller now!

I took full advantage of this "bonus day". We had lots of "supposed tos" scheduled for Sunday, but with the snow, everything was cancelled. Since I had just taken a quilt off the machine, I decided to put my 25-patch on and give it a quick meander. Then I took it off, trimmed it, made and stitched on the binding and started hand sewing it. Once it's done I'll post pictures. This one was entirely from stash and I used a lot of big pieces for the back...stashbusting at its best!

Today I broke down and ordered the Baptist Fan template from Circle Lord. I can't wait until it gets here on Thursday! I have a customer who wants them on her quilt...I suggested it just so I could order the template! I have an antique quilt that was machine appliqued by my grandmother that I will use it on also, once I've practiced a little. I may try to make a quick scrap quilt to use it on first.

That's about it from here...time to work on the next customer quilt!


Patti said...

Thanks for the pictures Carolyn. I dearly love snow but we very rarely get it here. So I have to be satisfied with pictures.

Jeanne said...

Me, too! These snowy pictures are wonderful - it was in the 90s here yesterday.

JudyL said...

Gotcha! :) You're going to love the fans! The snow pix are so pretty. I jut knew we'd have at least a snow delay today but it was all clear for us this morning.

Judy L.

Mary said...

I keep getting tempted to buy that Baptist Fan template. First Bonnie, then Judy, now you.

I don't even quilt for anyone except myself and family but I have a feeling I'm going to break down and buy it one of these days.

Laurie said...

There is nothing more beautiful than Mother Nature's snowfalls! Thank you so much for sharing...It makes me miss MN!

Finn said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures Carolyn..gotta love an unexpected snowstorm that cancels everything..*VBS*
So glad you got to quilt your 25 patch..can hardly wait to see it done!! Hugs, Finn

Wendy's Quilting said...

Oh to have a beautiful snow day like that and have winter leave the next day! I'll be enjoying the white stuff for several more weeks. Great Quilting weather though.

tami said...

So that's where our snow went. Beautiful winter pictures. We here in Maine haven't had that much snow total all year. It seems that every time we get an inch or 2 it warms up and it allmelts. After a warm day yesterday I can see the grass through the 2 inches we got last Sunday. :c/

Linda_J said...

look forward to the quilt pics, Carolyn.

Darcie said...

The snow pics are gorgeous, Carolyn! I'm in the minority of "snow lovers."

I'm been thinking over the BF template too. I've never even looked into a Circle Lord. Suppose I should jont over to their website and see what I'd be in for.