Sunday, October 27, 2013

Crazy Cat Lady

So, if you saw this picture, say on an animal adoption site, would YOU be able to resist?  Well, I couldn't!  Especially since we've been looking for a Siamese at a shelter for over 20 years!  When we got married, the Boss had a beautiful Siamese named Kimmy. Ever since she's been gone, we've been looking for another, but we didn't want to go through a breeder, we wanted a rescue.  Well, these two popped up in my Facebook feed at a local shelter and I couldn't resist those faces.

That's Nala on the left above, and Simba on the right.  I went to just adopt Nala, the female, but I couldn't separate them. They came from a hoarder's home and are very skittish.  We've had them for about 2 months and they still won't let us touch them, but they do come out now and play, snuggle up with us to sleep, take treats from our hands.  

They are also coming out and running around the house now.  They are ALWAYS together and have blended well with our other three cats.  Yes...we now have FIVE cats.  See what happens when the kids move out?  

Speaking of kids, one of Ellen's coworkers is expecting a baby girl and Ellen asked me if I could make a quilt for her.  Of course!  I put together this little star quilt for the baby...

and this week I got it quilted and bound.  I love how it turned out, it's so soft looking! 

Ellen and her boyfriend are moving from her apartment into a larger apartment, so she decided she would take her bedroom furniture with her.  The furniture was my parents from when they first got married, so it needed some updating.  She started with a nightstand, just to test it out.  I didn't get a before shot, but you can see the rest of the furniture in the background.  She sanded, primed and I painted and...

it now looks like this!  Since the nightstand came out so cute, they're now busy prepping the rest of the bedroom set for paint.  Now we have to figure out what kind of finish to put on it...wax maybe?  Any great ideas?

I also decided to do a little painting.  I was tired of the shelves in the Boss's office, so while he was on a business trip, I took them from white to red.  A bright, Philadelphia Phillies red.  Without telling him I was doing it.  Yeah, I'm like that.

Fortunately, when he got home from the trip, he liked it.  He let me stay.

And just because there wasn't enough kitty cuteness at the top of the page, here's a shot of a little guy who we found outside our shop at work this week.  He was playing with two others in an enclosure where we have this hose.  They were having a wonderful time running in and out of the hoses!  We're trying to capture them and if we do, one will be adopted by the owner of the company, one will go to foster care until he's adoptable and this little one?

He'll be our "shop cat" and will live in our office/warehouse.  Yeah, kittens at home AND at work.  

I am officially the crazy cat lady.


Barb said...

Wow! 5 cats. You are crazy. Actually I would live to have a cat but the hubster and I decided no more pets once our Sadie girl moves on. Your two Siamese are just beautiful.
Love, love, love Lee's shelves. Glad he liked them too!
So good to hear from you.

Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha -- I'm going to have to agree with Barb -- You ARE crazy LOL! Two cats keep me hopping. Your new kitties are adorable!

And that quilt! Holy Cow -- how nice are you to "whip" that up for your daughter's friend. I would have whipped up something simple with big squares or something. You Rock!!!