Tuesday, September 07, 2010


I love September...it's like the start of a new year!  I have a new planner, just waiting to be filled in.  Grace will be going back to school tomorrow...she's looking forward to starting at her new high school.  We've had a lot of good news lately...I think the best being that Andrew is moving home from Vermont.  He interviewed on Friday at the company my husband works for in Philadelphia and they offered him the job.  He will be the 3rd generation in our family to work for this company.  In addition, he also stopped at a local snowboard shop and they hired him part time, so he'll be coming home with not one job, but two!  The plan is to have him home by the end of September.

We spent our Labor Day weekend working on our shed.  Every agent that has seen our house has commented that it's an eyesore...and they were all right!  Here's the before picture....

After spending the weekend removing the old, rotten trim, replacing it, removing the doors and repairing them, priming and painting, it now looks like this.  I think it's a bit of an improvement!

I've done a little sewing...I'm repairing and refinishing one of the old banners from our church.  I've removed the old border fabric and replaced it, after washing the central counted cross stitch piece.  There was a patch in the center which I will replace, then I'll put it all back together with a little bit of machine quilting before I return it to the church.

I also finally got the borders on my 9 patch challenge quilt.  I'm planning to hand quilt this since my quilting machine is packed away in my garage, waiting to be moved to its new home, once its old home is sold.  I really wish that would happen soon!  I think it's time to bury St. Joseph.  Our last house was on the market for a year and didn't sell until we buried St. Joseph...yeah, it's definitely time!

Daisy is growing bigger by the minute.  She's mostly trained, as long as we remember to take her out!  With all the dry weather we've had, the leaves are starting to fall.  When we take her outside, she picks up a leaf and carries it around in her mouth until she finds a better leaf.  Then she'll drop the first one and pick up the new one.  She's quite amusing!

With Andrew moving back, Max will be moving home too.  They met this weekend and after an uneasy start (Daisy did NOT like Max sniffing around her food!) they came to a truce and spent a great deal of time ignoring each other.  I guess eventually they'll get used to each other!

So, that's what's been going on in my corner of the world, what's new in  yours?


Kathie said...

well what exciting news!
Having your kids home is always a good thing. When he moves out again you know it won't be as far away.
congrats on him finding 2 jobs in todays economy .
having the house on the market is tough , yes when we decide to sell our home I will have to pack up my fabric stash from the closets so I feel your pain! hand quilting though will be relaxing enjoy it!

Thimbleanna said...

Yay! Andrew is coming home -- you must be so excited. Sounds like you're good and busy. Love that last picture of the pups -- they're probably wondering what all the fuss is about! ;-)

Darcie said...

Terrific news! And lots of work checked off of the to-do list! Good for you!

Do you have a specific place chosen yet? I can't wait to see what you do with it. ;-)


amy said...

Remember to bury him upside down facing the house. When we were trying to sell our house, I buried a St. Joseph from an old nativity set. We didn't want to dig him up again until the closing, but then... the house wasn't ours anymore. (We'd been through such an ordeal, we were afraid to jinx it.) So he stayed there. I wonder what the new owners thought?

Bevie's Blog said...

Hello from Vermont: Enjoyed your blog for September. My you have lofty plans. I was worried about burying St. Joseph but looked it up and its okay. We all know that good things come to those who wait so expect them. Sending hugs of course.