Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Iraqi Bundles of Love

A few days ago I read about Iraqi Bundles of Love on someone's blog...and clicked over here to check it out. Maj. Art La Flamme came up with a wonderful idea to put sewing and knitting supplies in the hands of Iraqis who need these things and aren't able to get them. It's a short term project right now...all the bundles must be sent by September 7th.

As I started pulling fabric from my stash to fill the box, something happened. Yeah, first I pulled the older fabric, the larger pieces left from fat quarters where I'd just nipped off a small square or two, or a little bit for applique. Then I found myself pulling fabric I really like, but just hadn't used yet. It occurred to me that if I've had it sitting on the shelf for quite awhile, was I likely to use it? And if I really enjoyed having that fabric, wouldn't someone else love it as well? Next thing you know, I was pulling my favorites to add to the box.

I don't have a huge stash, but managed to put together a nice, heavy box of fabric, along with a few gadgets, buttons and ribbons to share with someone who can use it. I have so many other choices still on my shelves...I'm blessed to be able to share some of it with others.

Then I realized that I did have enough yarn left from projects (and some still in wrappers!) to share as well. So, Art...thanks for creating this project to give all of us a chance to share some of our bounty with those in Iraq.

Two boxes will be heading your way tomorrow...and I hope to put together a third box by the end of the week and get that to you by the deadline. All of you reading this...I ask you to put a box together as well. We can make an Iraqi's dream come well as the dreams of a Major named Art who truly understands us quilters and our need to help others. Thanks, Art!


Darcie said...

That's a wonderful cause, Carolyn!

Art said...

And those are wonderful bundles!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Thanks for sending bundles, mine is going out early in the week!