Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Divine Providence

The last week has been a whirlwind! The boss and I took Ellen, our older daughter up to Johnson and Wales in Providence, RI, for Freshman Orientation. With the way the 2 day program was set up, we got a lot of time to explore the city which will be her home for the next few years. What a great little town Providence is! The area where the campus is located is a nice part of the city, with great restaurants, a small theater and plenty of shopping within walking distance. My favorite part of the city is Federal Hill, which is the Italian section of town. The nicest shops, restaurants and delicious dessert bars are located there! I can see myself visiting Ellen at college a lot...not that she'll be thrilled to have me camped on her doorstep. :o)

This past weekend also marked my parents' 50th anniversary. We surprised them with a family dinner at a local Italian restaurant, then went back to their house for cake and coffee. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad...here's to another 50 healthy, happy years!

I'm not sure if my partner for the Four Seasons Quilt Swap reads my blog, but if you do...your quilt is on its way to you! You should have it on Thursday...I hope you like it!


amy said...

Mmmm, Federal Hill. Angelo's has what we call Italian fast food--quick, cheap, awesomely good. And Pastiche has the BEST desserts and coffees. Also, Federal Hill is where I got both my tattoos, although maybe you don't want your daughter to know that? :-)

Andrea said...

Is the mini for me ? lol. I am almost finished mine and can then breath a sigh of relief that another is done. I love these swaps. My parents are up to 48 years. Congratulations to your mum and dad.

atet said...

Congrats to your Mom and Dad and a way belated congrats to your two graduates :0). RI looks lovely and I'm sure you're relieved your daughter will be in such a pretty place! Your 4 season's piece is lovely and so is the quilt for the little girl -- I hope she likes it!

Susan said...

Providence is about my favorite east coast city - nice size and flavor to the town. How lucky your daughter is to be there for college. What a wonderful thing that your parents have been married 50 years!