Wednesday, July 19, 2006

House Painting

I'm hoping I got these in the right order! The first picture is of the end of the family room that I haven't painted yet. It's very dark and depressing in there...although that's the way my youngest daughter likes it! The second picture is the end that I've painted. The paint color is called "Pecan" and I've left the trim along the top and the ceiling beams in the dark wood. I've painted the rest of the trim a cream color to match the trim in the rest of the house. Even with this small area painted, it makes the room much brighter. Tomorrow I start painting the other side of the room! This is the last room in the house that I will need to paint...I hope!


Judy said...

Much better!! My mom still has paneling in our den where I grew up and she would never paint it. But me...I love the colro that you chose! It looks really great!!

Finn said...

It looks wonderful painted Laura..*VBS* I really like that color.
Bet it will feel like a whole new room..*S*