Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Schnibbles Times Two Contest

I wasn't going to enter, but my travels today took me past a little quilt shop and a few Moda Charm Packs followed me home. The book arrived in the mail last week.  So here are my book and fabrics...the hard part is deciding which quilt to make!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Still here...

Beautiful flowers from Andrew for Mother's Day...I had a fabulous Mother's Day this year.  Each of my children brought me to tears with their thoughtfulness, I'm blessed to have such wonderful children!

I'm adjusting to the new job...it's going well and I love it.  But there has been little to no fabric therapy going on here and I miss it!  I finally sat down one night this week and made this quilt for a little girl who will be celebrating her fourth birthday in June.  This is the second donation quilt that I'm doing for Margaret's Hope Chest.  I have quilted a few customer quilts...but haven't taken pictures.  I have a feeling that my posts are going to be short for awhile, at least until I figure out how to juggle all that I have going on...but I will be back!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Another Miracle...

We were fortunate enough last week to head to Nashville, TN for a business meeting that the boss had to attend. 
 We stayed at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel from Wednesday until Sunday.  If you've never been in a Gaylord Hotel, it's a real treat!  They are just amazingly beautiful.
  Lee had meetings through Friday, then we were on our own Saturday.  We had planned to head to downtown Nashville, but as you might have heard, they had a little rain in Nashville over the weekend.  We hung out at the hotel and enjoyed ourselves for the day. 

 On Sunday, everything was flooding, so we decided to head to the airport a little early, just in case later in the day we couldn't get there.  It turned out to be a very smart move.  When our car came to pick us up, the driver couldn't come to the main entrance because the water was knee deep out front.  He picked us up elsewhere, and took back roads to the airport because all of the main roads were flooded. 

We sat and watched the bands of rain come through the airport and it was just frightening.  But, we were able to take off only a few minutes late and made it safely home.
Unfortunately, after we left, the flood waters poured into the hotel and it had to be evacuated.  Now this beautiful hotel looks like this and will be closed for months while they clean up.  The newspaper today estimated the damage to be close to $75 million.