Thursday, February 28, 2008


I woke up yesterday morning with a migraine. I had an appointment with the doctor anyway, so he gave me some Fiorcet to make the rest of my day tolerable (okay, and just a little happier!). In the afternoon I had a chiropractor appointment...he started working on me and proclaimed my neck and shoulder to be "horrendous" and promptly hooked me up to this little contraption...
After 30 minutes of watching my muscles jump in ways I never knew they could, I actually began to feel a little least until the Fiorcet wore off!

Early tomorrow we're off on a little adventure which will take us here for a walk on the boardwalk and maybe a little casino action...

And eventually we'll wind up here for wine and jazz music amidst the artwork...

I can so use a mini-vacation! See you on Sunday for the Quiltathon!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Last One...

Our cake decorating class ended last night and if I don't see buttercream icing again for awhile I'll be very happy. Grace decorated most of this cake, I made two of the roses and she did the rest. I was quite impressed, she makes better roses than I do!

Fabric in, fabric out this week. Out went the binding for my sampler quilt, which is finally done and affectionately being referred to (by my husband) as my "Menopause Quilt". I'm looking forward to getting it on the bed and putting away the heavy comforter that makes me a little warm at night. Yeah, that's's the comforter that does it!

In came 3 yards of orange, lime green and yellow fabric to coordinate with the four patches that I showed in my last post. This quilt will be for Project Linus and all of the new fabric will be used for that quilt! I find it hard to believe that at one time in my life, these were my absolute favorite colors...I had the greatest bedroom with bright yellow walls, a royal blue carpet and lime, yellow and orange accents, which included some lime and yellow vinyl pillows that my mom lovingly made for me (although I'm sure she was ready to smack me for making her sew that nasty stuff! Thanks, Mom!) The 70's at their best! I loved that room...and I have to admit, I still love these colors!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Another week, another cake...good thing there's only one more week of this class! We decided to only decorate one cake this week instead of two, so I let Grace do most of the work. She did the top border, the side flowers and the clown on the cake, and I did the bottom border. I think she did a great job!
The first applique block for my rose quilt is finished and the second one is prepped and ready to start stitching.

I've even had a few minutes to sew! Mary Ann shared some of her stash with me this week and I took two of the FQ's she sent and made up 24 four patches last night. I'll be looking for something to set these with and will put them into a baby quilt for Project Linus. Thanks Mary Ann!

It looks like we're in for a storm tonight and tomorrow, so my girls are hoping for a snow day tomorrow. I'm hoping too....

Monday, February 18, 2008

A little late...

I swear, Valentine's Day things did happen in my house, I just never sat down to post them. The boss was home for a change, so a delicious dinner was prepared, complete with brownies and candlelight.

No stash busting to report this week, I'm not sure I even made it into my sewing room except to run the vacuum. With half days all week, I thought I'd get so much accomplished, but one day was busier than the next. I've prepped for tonight's cake decorating class and have been working on a customer quilt this afternoon. I did knit a little, photos when the sunlight comes back. It's raining and miserable here today!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Avast Ye Mateys!

Cake decorating class was Monday night and I was a total failure. After frosting our layers for class, I seemed to miss the "color your icing before class" instruction and came to class with white icing. Incredibly stiff white icing. Everyone had beautiful rainbows and I quickly made up some pink least it was seasonally appropriate! As a result...I had a lovely pink rainbow and decorated my cake for Valentine's Day.

My daughter, however, used her charms to lure another class member into sharing her purple icing, so her rainbow had a little more color. And writing? She, being a bit OCD and obsessed with all things Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Carribean at the moment decided to draw on her cake.
The teacher laughed. But she looked afraid. I hope she comes back on Monday to teach us how to make clowns. Or maybe not...clowns scare me...

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Somehow, without my getting any older, my daughter has managed to turn 18! Today is her birthday and she is poised to start a new adventure once she graduates from high school in June. A friend asked me the other day if you really are ready to send your kids out into the world on their own once they graduate high school and are ready for college. For me, I've spent years watching them grow, mature and become independent and I was ready for my son to head off to college...and I'm ready for Ellen to go to. I'm not saying it's not hard, because it is, knowing that you won't see them every day, won't know what they're doing and who they're with...but if they have the right values, then it's a wonderful thing to see them come into their own. Ellen is beautiful, fiesty, strong and very independent and I know that she will succed at whatever she does. She's just that kind of kid. Last night we took her to dinner in Philly to celebrate her birthday and had a wonderful time.

I've done no sewing this week, so there won't be a stash busting report. I did start my cake decorating class with my younger daughter on Monday, it was mostly lecture and supply lists this week, so we're looking forward to hitting the buttercream next week! I did finish this book....
As someone whose entire knowledge of the aqueducts, life in Pompeii and the eruption of Vesuvius came from a History Channel show a few months ago, I found it a very entertaining read! Then yesterday, I took a ride to the bookstore and bought this book....
I've been hearing about it for a year now and curiosity got the best of me. I've just started reading it and the basic premise of the Law of Attraction sounds a lot like the power of positive thinking or praying for what you want. I'm a very positive, looking for the bright side kind of person, so it doesn't seem greatly different than how I approach every day. Of course, I've only read the first two chapters, so I have a long way to go.

Monday, February 04, 2008

My buddies....

I've spent quality time with my new best friends this week. The Puffs tissues with Vicks are amazing...almost as good as comfort food.

This week has been an interesting one. Our daughter's car was repaired on Monday after her little fiasco last Sunday. Turns out her fuel pump had died and a mere $750 later she was back on the road.

On Thursday, the boss took her up to Providence, RI to look at Johnson and Wales. She had already been accepted there, been given some scholarship money and had never seen the campus. On Thursday they arrived in Providence, walked around the campus, saw a little of the city and she fell in love with the place. Friday morning they had an official tour of the campus, met with financial aid and admissions and she committed to attending there. I'm so excited for her, she'll be studying food and beverage services and restaurant management and the best part is that I'll get to visit her often...I love Rhode Island!

Yesterday was great fun...our church youth group had a "Super Bowling" event in the afternoon and I was in charge of snacks. The kids had a great time bowling and ate lots of chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies and Chex mix. They were fun to watch. Last night we headed to a friend's house to watch the Super Bowl. Good food, good friends, cold beer and a good game...what more could you want?

Another Sunday...

It seems I'm not getting much time to post lately, good thing Judy has us doing weekly reports! I finished my fall quilt this week...sorry for the poor quality of the picture, but you get the idea! The top was made from a jelly roll of Nature's Bounty fabrics, the borders were purchased a few months ago at the LQS.

The backing came entirely from my stash...I love pieced backings....

So, fabric left the stash and no fabric came in. I guess that's a good thing!

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